The C- Level Decision Makers are considered the most important and influential group of individuals at a company. Being a member of this group comes with high-stakes decision making, a more demanding workload and high compensation. Their primary concern is to improve their business.

When you need to contact key C-Level Executives and you don’t have the time and expense of compiling your own 

C-Level Executive Contact The C-Level Decision Maker list gives you instant access to the leaders and corporate leaders with the highest level of authority. With this list, your business can take a giant leap forward into a world of success by directly targeting and approaching decision makers with the ultimate say in key corporate decision-making. With our high quality, direct response lists and our custom built, single-source list that provides key data selectibility you can reach key c-level executives ( CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, CMO, CSO, CIO etc. ) from Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 and from other leading corporations.

With our CXO executive email database you can put your marketing information in front of the right decision-makers, to make things happen for you. 

These are the true decision makers with influence over large budgets. When your message needs to go straight to the top, this is the right database for you. While many calls and direct mailings are screened by lower-level employees, studies indicate that the vast majority of C-Level executives open and read their own emails, making this list the perfect vehicule for real market penetration. If you are selling technology solutions or outsourcing services, you need to sell at the c-level. This database contains a 100% email append rate and comes complete with company name, address, c-level contact name, telephone and personal emails of c-level and v-level executives.

Reach high level influential executives who specify and authorize the purchase of products and services. These are the decision makers responsible for their corporate budgets – many of which exceed millions of dollars annually. This database has 18,000 C-Level contacts.

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