Call Center Outsourcing is used to describe the practice of seeking resources — or subcontracting — outside of an organizational structure for all or part of a call center function.  An organization might outsource its call center because it is cheaper to contract a third-party than it would be to build its own in-house call center facility and management team.

Outsourced Call CenterThe external service provider typically takes care of hiring and training call center agents, maintaining call center software and infrastructure and managing day to day call center operations. Companies can outsource a segment of their call center operations (like support, sales, marketing, market research, engineering, etc.) or outsource the entire call center. Once the decision has been made to outsource their call center operations and the contracts are signed, many companies take a hands-off approach to overseeing operations and trust that their service provider will take the reins. 

If your company wants to reach or targets the outsourced call center marketplace, the Outsourced Call Center Database, is what you need to be successful in your marketing and sales efforts

The outsourced call center database includes an updated database of outsourced call center service providers in North America. 

The database has 2100 contacts and is complete with company names, addresses, telephone numbers, executive and operational contacts, IT contacts, with full titles and personal emails of c-level and v-level executives.


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