Utilities Call CenterAs Utility monopolies disappear, the industry is becoming increasingly competitive. But with the open market comes rising costs since utility providers face intense scrutiny related to environmental concerns, regulatory oversight and labor issues. As budgets tighten, the call center is one of the first places companies look for efficiencies. Challenged to do more with less while still delivering the quality of service that customers expect, a utility company must operate in a way that maximizes operational efficiency and complies with established policies and procedures. 

The Utilities Call Center database includes an updated database of the Utility Companies who have in-house call centers : Electric Utilities, Natural Gas and Water Utilities, who their executive decision makers are, and all the contact information for you to reach them easily by email, phone, or direct mail.

The database has 3000 contacts and is complete with Utility Company Name, address, websites, company contacts, operational contacts with phone and personal emails of c-level and v-level executives.


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