If you operate an outsourced call center, and are looking for projects/campaigns, your quickest way to start dialing is for you to get to know call center brokers, by acquiring the Call Center Brokers and Facilitators Database. These high level call center professionals have valuable networks and contacts with end-user call center clients, and will introduce you to these companies, quickly and cost effectively 

Call Center Brokers & FacilitatorsThe Call Center Brokers and Facilitators database includes an updated database of 50 leading North American & International call center brokers who have access to hundreds of campaigns / projects that are outsourced in North America and offshore. The database is complete with company name, address, telephone number, websites, executive contacts, operational contacts, with full titles and email addresses.

By acquiring Call Center Brokers and Facilitators database, you will be positioned as an call center industry veteran, with a solid network of broker contacts that can accelerate your outsourcing services sales cycle and making quick customer introductions, at a fraction of the sales costs. 


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